How do I order?

Ordering is easy! 

  • Call or text Us @ 619-913-7701 
  • Send us an email at
  • Go to our online store


If you call, just leave a message with your name, delivery info, a good time to deliver and phone number.  We will get to you within a day.

Wholesale customers can give us a call directly as we don't have the ability to remove sales tax with online purchases yet.

How much are kegs?

Kegs are $125 each.  Price includes delivery. 

What kind of Nitrogen is required?

We recommend Food Grade Nitrogen.

When you get your cold brew from 7 Cold Brew, Food Grade Nitrogen is included.  No need to worry about finding your own supply!


What kind of coffee do you use?

We only use single origin coffee from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala

How many people will a keg serve?

Each keg contains a bit more than 5 gallons of cold brew.  If you have 8 ounce glasses, this is about 80 servings.  If you have 12 ounce glasses, you will get about 53 servings.

How much caffeine does Cold Brew Coffee have?

Cold Brew coffee packs a caffeine punch.  According to the folks at the Specialty Coffee Association, this is because of how cold coffee is extracted and diluted during production.  Because of the slow cold method of extracting the coffee, a higher ratio of coffee to water is required, than with hot coffee.  This concentrated brew gets diluted when we keg, but not to the same ratio of hot coffee.  This results in a higher concentration of caffeine in the cup.  We taste every batch to ensure we have a great tasting brew, but beware of the caffeine kick!

Is your Cold Brew a concentrate?

Our product is not a concentrate.  It comes out of the keg ready to drink!

How do you make your cold brew?

We brew our cold brew using a proprietary system for 21 hours.  Then we triple filter it to get any grounds out of the brew and stop the extraction process.  This creates the concentrate.  We then add water to get the perfect ratio of concentrate to water.  We put the final product in kegs and mix it with Nitrogen.  Now it's ready to deliver to you!

Do you ship your product?

Not currently.  We only deliver our delicious cold brew to the greater San Diego area

Can you make hot coffee with your cold brew?

Absolutely!  Cold brew is great warmed up.  Just pop it in the Microwave or heat it on the stove.

How is cold brew different than iced coffee?

Cold brew uses cold water and shouldn't get warmer than 40 degrees F throughout the brewing process.  This keeps acid production low.  Iced coffee is typically hot brewed coffee poured over ice to cool it down.